Thursday, November 15, 2007

It doesn't get any bigger than....

Indiana vs. Purdue for the Old Oaken Bucket (I hear the team north of Indiana is playing the team east of Indiana in the Big Ten this weekend nice)!

Michelle and I will be there supporting our Hoosiers.

It will be an interesting game for several reasons:

1. It's an in-state rivalry game...a lot of Hoosiers went to high school with a lot of Boilermakers. Braggin' rights are on the line (along with a lot of integrated tailgating with old friends at the other state school, which never happens vs. other schools)

2. Last year we went to one home game, an upset of #15 Iowa. So, clearly we bring that extra element to Memorial Stadium that pushes IU to extreme heights.

3. IU will honor it's 1967 team. Also known as the only Rose Bowl team in IU history (they lost the Rose Bowl to O.J. Simpson's USC Trojans).

4. It's throwback jersey day (in honor of the '67 team).

5. IU probably needs a win to go bowling. At 6 wins they are bowl eligible. If they get a seventh win they would definitely get a bowl game.

6. This one's for Coach HEP! IU's head coach, Terry Hoeppner, died last summer and this year has been dedicated to his vision and energy he brought to IU in his short tenure here...It was the team's goal to "Play 13," meaning to go to a bowl game.

7. Head to Head....IU dominates in basketball, Purdue dominates in football. While neither is particularly great in football, Purdue has been much better the last decade with Joe Tiller as head coach. IU's last win over Purdue was in 2001 with Randle-El at QB (I was a freshman at IU). After a close game last year, it's time for IU to get the "W"


Mike said...

They did it!!!!!
That must have been a sweet game to go to!

Luke said...

Now the question is after the big win, is it the Insight Bowl or the Motor City Bowl???