Sunday, November 04, 2007

Super Bowl 41.5 Postgame thoughts

Thoughts after the New England Patriots win at the Indy Colts:

1. Randy Moss is's almost not even fair.
2. I think the Patriots need the running game to improve if they are going to win home games in January and it should happen with Laurence Maroney getting healthy. But, would a game in New England be more of an advantage for Indy right now since they have a better balanced offense? Obviously, the crowd makes some impact...but both these teams do pretty good at blocking that out. The Pats seemed fine today in terms of noise control.
3. Indy squandered chances early.
4. There were some blatant flags that went against the Patriots.
5. New England made plays late when they needed to after falling behind early....a role reversal of last year's playoff game.

And lastly...Michelle and I went to a benefit for a food pantry on Friday night. A certain Colts employee, who is a well known speaker and professing Christian, referred to Bill Belichick as "the devil" and as "a jackal" to get some laughs in an obvious pro-Colts crowd. I know he was joking...but to be in front of several hundred people and to talk about loving the poor and then call someone else the devil a few minutes later was a pretty low blow to say the least, and definitely didn't show much love. The wife and I were definitely offended...I'll chalk it up to speaking on the fly before thinking and I don't want to be negative so I will not bring up his name.

My main point of that story is that it reminded me how careful you have to be when speaking in public. That, along with a slightly racist comment promoting to "bet on black" when referring to Tony Dungy and the Colts (a black speaker to a white crowd can say that...but if a white speaker to a black crowd said to "bet on white" referring to Belichick, they'd probably be seriously reprimanded....that's just way the world is) left a bad taste in our mouths after an evening that raised over $25,ooo for a local food pantry.

One mistake is one thing....but two mistakes in the last two minutes of a message left me saddened and a little confused....and why was the entire crowd laughing at these statements? Were they not thinking about what he was saying or were they just such a pro-Colts crowd that they let it slide?

I had a difficult time sleeping that night....those negative words ate away at me. Was the love of Jesus really being professed?

Am I overreacting? Maybe I would think that...but when Michelle echoed my thoughts before I told her mine I knew it was something that was going to stick with me. That night I had the painful experience of hearing two contradicting messages in one twenty minute message...and yet I also had the pleasant experience of learning how careful your words must be, a lesson that was re-emphasized without me personally having to make the mistake. Anytime you can learn from other's mistakes is important.

Maybe that's why I rooted a little bit for the Patriots...I don't know...maybe it's because I feel the media tries to make New England more arrogant than they are just to have a story....I mean football is about one thing: domination, right???
Or do I just think waaaayyyy to much?

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