Tuesday, December 18, 2007

100 Greatest Songs of the 90's

I was pretty excited to see VH1 come up with the 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's.

It airs every night at 10pm this week. Last night were songs 100-81.

If you want to see the "official" ranking (not sure how it was decided...I know fans could vote, but I'm sure VH1 had its own agenda also) then click this link or don't click if you want to watch and be surprised.

Although, I think this link is cooler because it has the greatest songs broken down by genre, so my brother Dan can look at the best Rock without having to browse through the Spice Girls, MC Hammer, and EMF.

Needless to say, my DVR is recording each hour.

Reliving the 90's......the good ol' days!!!

I was disappointed in the selection of some songs....and I was very disappointed these songs "just missed the cut"....These would all be in my top 50!!!
-Stone Temple Pilots "Interstate Love Song"
-Soul Asylum "Runaway Train"
-Coolio "Gangsta's Paradise"
-Four Non Blondes "What's Up"
-Faith No More "Epic"
-Wallflowers "One Headlight"
-Gin Blossoms "Hey Jealousy"
-The Verve Pipe "Freshman"
-The Black Crowes "Hard to Handle"

And where is Tonic's "If you could only see" and the Tony Rich Project's "Nobody Knows", just to name a few?????

But I think you can tell for the most part what type of music I like based on these album covers below that have songs that made the 100 greatest list.

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