Monday, December 31, 2007

The Biggest Bowl Game!

Forget the unfair, over-advertised, and pointless BCS!

The biggest bowl game this year is Indiana vs. Oklahoma State, which is tonight at 5:30pm on the NFL Network.

The Insight Bowl is #1 for a lot of reasons:

1. IU is playing for their deceased head coach, Terry Hoeppner.
2. It is IU's first bowl game in 14 years.
3. It starts the campaign for Kellen Lewis for Heisman in '08. Randle-El was a finalist and IU didn't even have a winning record that year! Just imagine when IU wins 9 games next year!
4. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Guny made this famous rant earlier this year. Watch it on youtube here.

5. Both teams like to put up points and don't play a whole lot of defense (although IU was a top team in the country in sacks) so the game should have a LOT OF POINTS, which is always entertaining!

6. I'm an IU I'm biased.

7. The game is late enough in the day to get home...but early enough not to affect your New Year's Eve Plans!


Forget Tebow...this is the Heisman winner in '08!

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