Thursday, December 27, 2007

Patriot Games

For those of you who don't know, I coached 5th grade girls basketball. An early season post about the team was written here. Yes, we were the Patriots.

Well here's how the rest of the season went.

Game 1: 32-13 (Won)
Game 2: 18-19 (Lost)
Game 3: 36-05 (Won)
Game 4: 41-19 (Won)
Game 5: 22-23 (Lost) or 24-23 (Won) (Depends who you ask)
Game 6: 25-11 (Won)

Overall: 5-1 or 4-2 (see story #1 below)

And now for a few crazy stories:
1. There is a little controversy over Game 5, which we "officially" lost. At the beginning of the game the other team (full of girls as tall as Redwood trees...the same team we lost Game 2 too) made a basket in our hoop (hey, it's 5th grade girls basketball). But the ref, in all his glory, decided to take the 2 points away and restart the game since they were "confused." After the rejump they once again shot at the wrong hoop and we were called for a can you be called for a shooting foul if they aren't even shooting at their hoop??? Needless to say, with those two points that were taken away we would've won the game. So, I call it a win! You can't just take points away and start the game over!!! If you misread the instructions on a final exam and failed the test as a result I doubt the teacher gives you a isn't always full of 2nd chances. What are we teaching our kids these days??? haha.

2. Both of our 1 point losses involved brilliant second half coaching. In the 18-19 loss we were down 5 with just a few minutes left....until I inserted the trap defense that led to 3 straight turnovers....resulting in 4 points and 2 shots to win it at the buzzer, which both missed.

In the "rematch" game between the team that had 6 girls taller than any one girl on my team we again fell behind big early. So, I taught my girls the 2-3 zone defense at halftime and it sparked a huge comeback....which resulted in:
Our best player getting 2 foul shots with 5 seconds left...down by one point. She missed them both. (In hindsight....I should've went with the 1-3-1 Zone)

3. My team consisted of 5 talented girls....and 5 who were just learning the basics, to put it nicely. Needless to say, this made our practices very interesting. If our starters never got tired and never fouled out we would've won each game by at least 15 points more than we did.

4. Our best player had to sit out the 1st half of our Game 3 blowout much goofing off in practice. Otherwise we would've really run up the score, just like the Patriots! Yep, I'm a mean coach!!!

5. Three girls fouled out in our Game 5 controversial finish....No girls from the other team did (conspiracy???). Also, in our final game we had a girl get 3 fouls in the 1st half...picked up a 4th exactly 8 seconds into the 3rd quarter...and pick up her 5th and final foul exactly 8 seconds into the 4th quarter. Yeah, we played aggressive defense.

6. I turned the school that "never won games" (the refs said they couldn't remember my school winning a game in the last 5 years) into a 5-1 powerhouse. Okay, maybe I just got lucky and had a couple talented girls.

7. We had an end of season bowling/pizza party. Why? Because we could....and it would give them one memory of me not having to yell at them!!!

There are many other stories I could share......but that will do for now. Overall, a good experience. And all the parents were very supportive and I had none that were "overbearing" about their child.'s the powerhouse 5-1 team. Short on height....big on heart!

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