Monday, January 07, 2008

Zune, Zune, Zune

Michelle and I have finally entered the 21st Century in regards to how we listen to music! Last week we bought an 80gb Zune.

I have always resisted the Apple iPod movement for several reasons and was almost ready to pick up an mp3 player from SanDisk or someone else when good old Microsoft saved the day!

So, what made me select the Zune over the iPod?

-The Zune Marketplace is better than iTunes
-Ability to share music from Zune to Zune
-Better functionality
-FM Radio (which I doubt I'll use very often, but it's still nice to have)
-To help lead a generation away from the evil iPod
-Best Buy gave me a $25 gift card after I bought (ok, that was really just icing on the cake)
-etc, etc.

So, behold our new 80gb Zune!

Since this is our first mp3 player I know have the never-ending task of copying our cd's to digital format. I'm thinking between the digital music we have already and the cd's we have we're looking at atleast 4,000 songs! This will take a few weeks!

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