Monday, February 04, 2008

The Day After...

Well, the Patriots somehow lost.

If you hate the Patriots then you love the "one game, winner take all" format that the NFL, College Basketball, and College Football use. They, of course, often succumb to upsets because "anybody can beat anybody on any given day." After all, this was the 4th time in 11 years a Wild Card team won the Super Bowl! And one game is great for suspense and tv ratings.

If you love the Patriots then you are probably wishing for the "best of 7" series that the NBA and MLB use so that the best teams almost always win. Thank to the best of 7 format, Michael Jordan never gave up the crown once he earned it. This was a major plus for me as a Bulls fan! However, it can get long and drawn out. But again, the best teams almost always win.

Anyways, Tom Petty rocked. Alicia Keys was great in the pregame that I watched briefly.

There were a few good commercials. But these three were my clear favorites.

E*Trade Baby Commercial One
(Tribute to my sister, who had a 10lb 4oz baby recently. I hope Landon can do this soon.)

E*Trade Baby Commercial Two

Bud Light Breathe Fire

* does not endorse bud light, nor E*Trade for that matter.

The Charlie Brown inflatable/Coca Cola, FedEx giant pigeons, and the Doritos Mouse commercials were also pretty good.


Adam and Becca said...

Thanks for the tribute. I don't think Landon is going to be doing that anytime soon....He's just advanced in size, it doesn't mean he's advanced in his verbal and motor skills. :)

The Bontragers said...

Tim and my favorite was the "talking stain"