Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dog Walk

Thursday's are usually my day off.

On those days I like to take Zambrano (my beagle dog) on walks, usually on a route we've never taken.

Yesterday we took a new route and ended up stopping in to see an elderly woman that only leaves her house when somebody drives her. It was a nice meeting and since we had gone so far we continued on to another house of an elderly couple. Zambrano seems less interested in other dogs compared to when he was younger, I'm not sure why. Maybe he's just happy to be on his walk. Now he just looks at them and keeps walking!

Anyways, we met a few strangers along the way also....and before we knew it our round trip walk was an estimated 3.2 miles according to Google Maps!

Zambrano fell asleep for the night at 7pm...his usual time is around 9pm. Yeah, he was tired.

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