Friday, February 08, 2008


It was nice for IU to win at Illinois, which is normally a rival in basketball, but is currently even more than that. Sports Illustrated called IU-Illinois the most heated rivalry in college basketball, mainly over the Eric Gordon saga.

The Illinois fans (and players and coaches) were pretty classless.

I certainly understand their anger and bitterness, but they need to get over it and they could've acted a little better.

I know IU fans (including me) have not been to kind to the transfer of Luke Recker (I was there for that one) or Sean May going to North Carolina (although, I understood May's decision because who wants to play for Mike Davis?) but anything beyond booing is over the top. There were no crowd chants that included obscenities to these young men.

Plus, IU fans were mad because those two were both Indiana kids. Eric Gordon is an Indiana kid Illinois should worry about keeping their own in-state talent and not worry about a kid who always wanted to play for IU but not for Mike Davis.

Anyways, the game was intense and the video game summary by ESPN doesn't even tell half the story....but you can watch it here.

For more articles and reaction to the game, the cheap shots from Illinois, and more check out this link.

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