Thursday, February 07, 2008

IWU Seminary?

The time will come, possibly in the very near future, where I will go back to school. I am leaning towards beginning with some online classes. But, if I go after an M.Div, I may want to do much of it as a full-time student so I can get it done quickly. That's the way I feel as of right now, but the more I look into it the more I may change my mind.

Maybe Michelle and I will head to California for a few years to attend Fuller Theological Seminary, which I can begin with online classes like my buddy Tim is currently doing. California sounds like a fun 2 year adventure. Plus, nurses get PAID out there, haha!

Indiana Wesleyan University currently only offers a Masters of Arts in Ministry, which is half as thick as a full M.Div would be (36hours vs 72 hours).

But according to Ken Schenck, the M.Div at IWU is not to far away, and sounds like it would be both unique and comprehensive. Seriously, check out his thoughts on an IWU M.Div program!

It may not come around quick enough for me, but it's nice to see the alma mater stepping up to the plate!

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