Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Music Lyrics A Big Deal...Yes or No?

A post from The Source 4 Youth Ministry Blog discussed the impact of lyrics on music and whether it is as big of deal or not. They definitely think it is a big deal, as do I.

So, they are looking for youth pastors to give this short survey to the youth to see their response. Here's the questions...

1. Do you think that parents and youth workers should stay out of your music, turn a deaf ear, and hope that lyrics don’t affect you?
2. Do you think that the lyrics affect you?
3. If parents or youth workers discover that a song is vile or degrading, should they explain it to you and warn you about it?
4. How many of you would still listen to it even if you knew the lyrics were bad?
5. Should parents draw a line and enforce rules of what you can and can’t listen to?
6. What should that line be? (what criteria should they use?)

I will go through this with my is a BIG DEAL to teens, in case you didn't know.

Article from NY Times about the influence of music.

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