Monday, February 18, 2008

One Full Weekend

Thursday: Valentines Day...Roses, Buffalo Wild Wings (Michelle's choice), and Kohl's Super Discount shopping...and Michelle then went to work for the night.

Friday: Homecoming Basketball Game at the High School

Saturday: Woke up at 3:45am to drive our Missions Team to the airport for their trip to Guatemala (including the Senior Pastor and his wife).

-Swimming Sectionals for a few hours

-IU basketball game vs Michigan State

Sunday: Preached in both services about Forgiveness. In short, my sermon was titled "What are you eating?" and I shared how my beagle Zambrano will consume any "food" that gets put in front of him. I then talked about what consumed our minds and the need to not hold on to painful memories, mistakes we've made or others have made to us, etc. I discussed the need to Forgive Others, Forgive Ourselves, and Forgive God (because we blame him, even though he has done nothing wrong) and tied in a few biblical stories. Embrace Forgiveness...Don't let your past events affect your future outcome!

-Taught Sunday School in between the two services I preached in.

-Taught youth in the afternoon.

-Had youth over for a while to play Wii.

This week:
-Meet with local youth pastors for further planning of our big community outreach event.
-Hold down the church while the Sr. Pastor is in Guatemala.
-Monitor the Building process (hopefully get some steel up this week)!
-Possibly score tickets to the IU-Purdue game on Tuesday.

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