Friday, February 29, 2008

Those Crazy Mennonites

I received the following from my secretary:


You’re not going to believe this! Remember the couple from Virginia who wanted to rent the new Ministry Center in December for a wedding reception? Remember I joked they were probably Mennonites!! They are!

And, they asked if they could serve wine. They said, as Mennonites, they frowned on the consumption of alcohol, but felt that wine was appropriate at the reception. I e-mailed back and told them no-go on the wine. They’re planning on a little band for dancing, too! Woo-hoo!

Thought you’d get a smile out of this."
For those of you who don't wife Michelle grew up in the Mennonite church.

Some denominations have a little more...let's call it "variety" than others.

Does this go to show that there are a large variety of Mennonites (much like there are a large variety of United Methodists)?

This is not the first time the Mennonites have been brought up.
Here are two other times off the top of my head:

1. In our 1st service we have a time of sharing joys and concerns. One time a lady stood up and talked about how she was going back down to Florida for the winter and how she was so disappointed that the UMC no longer had a campground she went to because they sold it to the Mennonites!!! (It was a sidebar to her prayer request of safe travel...she meant nothing by it, but it did come out kind of funny). We laughed...."those Mennonites stole our land!"

2. Michelle mentioned to Mike (Sr. Pastor) and I about Mennofest, a Mennonite Music festival, which I assume in all reality is pretty similar to any other music festival, except a certain denomination is attached to it.

This got Mike and I to thinking...maybe the United Methodist Church should have their own music festival. Let's see....what could we call it to let people know it was run by the UMC. Of course, how about METHFEST! While we realized the name would probably help draw a large quantity of "unchurched" people (along with suspicious Police officers looking for a drug bust) to spread the message of Jesus Christ...we decided to put the idea on the backburner.

****This is all in good fun....don't take this too serious. Michelle gave me permission to post this, so if you are offended it's her fault!!!****

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