Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Tim Stevens had a good post about tithing and the excuses people will make to stay from doing it. Check it out.

Money is always a hot topic....people leave over tithing, building funds, etc etc.

It's sad, but sometimes it seems money is placed ahead of God and people just won't let go of it and obey God.

My parents taught me to tithe my $5 or $10 allowance...and it did make a difference in practicing to tithe when I "made little $."

Is the bigger issue a faith issue, an obedience issue, or do people honestly think money and God don't overlap? That somehow consumerism must overtake humility?

Tithing is a given to me...and I know God has blessed me immensely. Michelle and I, when able, also love to give to others. Aren't we all just one big family anyways?

What if God just said "It's my money and I want it now!" like those cheesy commercials?

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