Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back from Passion::Atlanta

Michelle and I got back into Greenfield around 6pm Sunday night. We returned from an amazing gathering of college and young adults at Passion.

You can check out Louie's Blog here for some info and images of the event.

Things/Reminders I took away from this weekend:
1. We are all about making Jesus' name famous in this world
2. We do this by worship and justice (Passion's "Do Something Now" campaign raised money for local shelters, well's for fresh water in African villages, etc).
3. We don't rely on the Holy Spirit as much as we should

Passion will also soon be starting it's World Tour to bring the Gospel across the world and help equip those Christian leaders in cities across the world. They are attempting to do this at zero or little cost to the people, so the money has to be raised. If you'd like to support the cause click here to donate online or checks may be made to Passion Conferences, PO Box 5 Roswell, GA30077. Questions can be emailed to info@268generation.com.

The 9500 poor college students in Atlanta donated over $118,000 for the world tour!

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