Monday, April 07, 2008

A First as a Youth Pastor...

Granted I have only been a youth pastor for a little less than two years, but I did something this week that I had not yet done....I booked a band! Not a local band, but a real band!

That's right, on April 25th...Trinity Park UMC in Greenfield will be host to Candlefuse!

From Alabama, Candlefuse does some modern rock and some melodic rock, along with performing well known worship songs.

But why have a band just for my church??? Oh wait, I'm not... I have teamed up with two other local churches because we are all in it together! I love it when churches are willing to work together (and it stretches our budget further) to benefit kids in the community! We're on the same TEAM!!!

The concert/worship set will be during all three churches 30 hour famine and will be free to we're hoping to get the word out to other teens and churches to just show up for the show.

I've learned what a "rider" is (it's kind of like a tag-along to the contract with some requirements the band has such as food, housing, and people to help setup/tear down) along with a few other technical terms.

The event is already listed on their MySpace Page. Click the link and give them a listen, pretty good stuff!

Check out their version of the well known worship song "Hungry (Falling on my Knees)" It ROCKS!!!

A few other videos are available here and here.

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