Monday, April 21, 2008

Review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

I took some of our youth to see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed yesterday.

I blogged about the movie here.

I only had one major worry, that because it would be a documentary the kids would be bored by it. But, the movie/documentary was put together very well and was extremely interesting.

Instead of having a 30 minute drive back to town (the local 9 screen theater didn't have the movie) that was full of talking about dating, drama, farting, and people yelling "stop touching me" it was full of discussion about the movie and its' topics the entire time! And that was with teenagers!

(Confession: I even started driving slower to make sure the discussion lasted longer).

Highly Recommended!

I made sure before the movie that everyone knew the difference between Intelligent Design, Creationism, Neo-Darwinism, and what themes to look for throughout the movie.

The last few minutes of the movie are the best...Wait til you hear the things that Richard Dawkins, one of the world's leading atheists, says!

Even my dad would enjoy this movie...if he ever went to the movies (hint, hint)!

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jessephillips said...

Phil! I love that you encouraged your kids to watch this movie! So cool! I haven't seen it yet, but your comments make me even more excited!

And thanks for your comment over at the catalyst blog, broseph!