Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Quote - Texting

"A text message conversation is just as real to teenagers as this conversation - sitting in this room - is to us." - Perry Noble

Face to face conversation is valued by everyone...but when we communicate with teens we need to remember that texting is not shallow, it is just the new way of communicating.

I think most important conversations should be had audibly, and I have seen many arguments come up because two teenagers miscommunicated with each other because they texted instead of actually talking.

*A student admitted last week that last month she sent and received a combined 5,000 text messages...which is roughly 170/day! Yeah, I'd say text messaging is a valuable communication tool!


Dallas said...

I saw a March cell phone bill with almost 12,000 text messages (sent or received) from a teenager in high school!! That is a text message sent or received every 3.5 minutes for an entire month. Take out sleeping and school and there is hardly any time for anything else!!

Brandon said...

I'm only at 3,000 a month!