Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

If you've ever seen David Crowder in concert, then you know why the keytar is so special. And so now whenever I see a keytar, I think of DC.

If you're curious about why da Crowdster likes his keytar (or what a keytar is) click here. And to watch him use it in concert click here..and watch it all the way through for the tribute to the 80's.

(Now, of course, Crowder's band mate has rigged him up a working Guitar Hero guitar)!

Even Monday Night Football is giving props to the keytar in their new MC Hammer Commercial.

By the way...I got my pre-order of the David Crowder live CD+DVD today! A day earlier than stores (And a whole lot cheaper)!

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Brandon said...

David Crowder made the Key-tar what it is today, legendary!