Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quote - Ask it...

It takes more faith to ask than it takes to fear the asking.
-Athol Dickson, The Gospel According to Moses


captainsjewel said...

Hi Phil! My name is Julie and I work at Philthy Phils"! I'm sure you won't need an explanation of what or whom this place is! LOL.

Funny, the other day at the restaurant Sue Mulligan (General Manager) was looking for something online and found your blog. She posted it on the kitchen door and gave Kevin, your server an excellent score.

My comment though for your blog that I wanted to correct though was how Philthy Phil's got it's name......

Phil & B Albert, originally from Grainger, IN bought the property now known as Phils in 2001. It was opened as Philthy Phils in May 2002. They originally owned the Linebacker Sports Bar across the street from ND Stadium and also a fine dining restaurant called Yesterdays.

Phil did concrete work. When he was done with his concrete jobs he looked liked "Pigpen" thus the name Philthy Phil.

When they decided that they were so successful up in Indiana and they could make it work in Florida they bought the property known as Charlie's Oasis and renovated it making it Philthy Phils. Phil was always the front man but B was always our "boss". She always said that "Philthy Phil's sounded better than Bitchy B's".

So there you go... That is the true story.

Looking forward to seeing you on your next visit.

captainsjewel said...

Actually, my dates were wrong.

September will be 9 years. I have worked there 8 1/2.