Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chris Tomlin - Hello Love Review

I should've taken care of this earlier. The new Chris Tomlin album is out.

His last album, See the Morning, recently went Gold (500,000 copies) and his previous album to that, Arriving, recently reached Platinum (1 million copies), story here. So, obviously he is the best selling (and also most played) worship song writer anywhere.

"I am completely overwhelmed and honored to have the presentation of both a platinum and gold record simultaneous to the release of my next album, Hello Love," stated Tomlin.

The record is obviously good...although I'm not as hooked on it yet as the previous two. Plus, I already knew several songs from the Passion albums. The songs just aren't "stuck in my head" as strongly as previous songs.

Personally, I always like Tomlin live because there's so much more energy to it than the studio recordings, which are more radio (read: old people) friendly.

Still, you should buy this album! It's almost a given.

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dan said...

the chaplin here at Asbury knew Chris when he was but a wee boy...or before he was famous. he actually helps him write some of his songs.

also his wife is his manager! so ATS is really Chris Tomlin land!