Monday, September 08, 2008

Soldier Field II - DA BEARS!

What do you get when you put together these three things:
1. A healthy and dominating defense
2. A solid running game
3. A QB who doesn't turn the ball over

Answer: A sound beating of the Indy Colts 29 -13 in the Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium debut (now known as Soldier Field II). And it could've been worse if the refs would've made the right calls on the Urlacher "late hit" on Manning and the Roby "non-fumble" that were both pretty sketchy at best.

For Colts''s only one game, you have a nice new stadium, and Tom Brady is hurt. Count your blessings.

Bears Defense...please stay healthy!


derryprenkert said...

You forgot one more ingredient...
4. An opposing stud QB playing the season opener with no preseason games.

Sounds like I'm making an excuse, but I'm not. Peyton was really rusty, confused, and all over the place.
That can't take away from the fact that the Bears looked good. They were very confident. Orton is the right pick. Forte could be a stud.
Like you said, barring injuries, the Bears could have a nice season ahead of them, and I'm not ready to jump off a bridge either.

Phil Strahm said...

I'd like to think the Bears D played a small part in Peyton's confusion...they definitely had a different strategy than in the Super Bowl (and, the D was healthy).

Peyton was a little rusty, but looked pretty mobile...I wonder if the Colts will lose some of their homefield advantage since the Luke won't be as loud as the RCA dome.

The Colts will be fine...
The Bears...we'll see if they can keep it up

derryprenkert said...

The guy I was sitting next to at the game is a season ticket holder. I asked him how the noise in Lucas compared to RCA... he said it was a little less loud, not much. He thought when the roof and "window to Indy" get closed, it will be pretty comparable.