Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Spotlight Night...Evaluation

Way back in April I blogged about Spotlight Night, where I gave students the "spotlight" for a night to share their answers to some pre-written questions.

Why did we do this?
1. Hear a different voice besides mine
2. Hear a voice of someone their own age
3. Help verbalize their faith
4. Having to answer the questions makes them reflect and realize a lot about themselves and their past and also their future
5. To grow closer together as a group
6. Let me hear from the students

Well we are finally finished!!!!

Overall it went very well...students shared from their heart and I believe everyone came away with a better understanding of others in the group they might not have known very well.

However, I was pretty disappointed in several students who suffered in all 3 of these categories....a) didn't take it very seriously, b) were obviously not prepared, c) were students who are looked at as "leaders"

So, went well. But, it could've been great and really set the tone for a good school year, but sadly, some students dropped the baton.

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Adam and Becca said...

Sounds like a cool idea.
Yeah, it's tough to get some of our student "leaders" to even HOLD the baton in order to be able to drop it. :) -Becca