Monday, November 03, 2008

Best and Worst Markets to Find a Job

According to

25 Best Markets to find a job.
Includes a bunch of cities in the Dakotas and Idaho near the top? Along with other great plains and mountainous states. Interesting...

25 Worst Markets to find a job.
California and Michigan have plenty of cities on the list.
#21 is Elkhart, IN
#23 is Kokomo, IN

All of my family lives in either Michigan or Indiana.

Are the great plains and the mountain regions the new midwest when it comes to jobs???

I guess my dad was right to keep talking about "moving out to wyoming to live on a ranch," although, I'm guessing the 25 best markets aren't directly related to the success of isolated buffalo farmers.

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Anonymous said...

Now Elkhart / Goshen is up to #17.