Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NYWC - Painting

At the Nat'l Youth Workers Convention in Nashville last week we had an amazing lineup of speakers and worship leaders during each General Session. On top of that, we had an amazing artist who would paint during each message...and the painting always went along with the message's theme.

Well, I really liked the last painting the artist did and how I saw it fitting with our current church logo, so I went up to him at the end when everyone was leaving to see if it was for sale (his painting earlier in the week were sold by silent auction). I thought it would be a sweet edition to our new youth room that will be finished this spring.

We were able to work out a deal and after nervously walking it to my car to see if it would fit we were BARELY able to squeeze it in to the backseat. And I mean barely! The painting is about 4x4 feet in size.

The artist is Scott Erickson and to see more of his paintings or to book him visit his site, The Transpire Project.
So, here's the painting!

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Brandon said...

Nice painting. That will look sweet when your new room is finished!