Monday, December 15, 2008

Da Bears - Teddy Bears!

No, this isn't a football post.

I would say our church has focused on three ways of giving this Christmas:
1. Local Food Pantry (each week we list specific items to bring in).
2. Angel Tree (Gifts for children whose parent(s) are in prison).
3. Operation Re-Build-A-Bear

The first two are self-explanatory. But what is "Operation Re-Build-A-Bear?"

Well, we got a hold of over 600 teddy bears that were defective/deformed (an unattached limb, poorly sewn parts, etc) or possibly headless. Okay, I'm joking about the headless part. In essence, they were "factory defects" that were going to be discarded.

Instead a bunch of sewing-savvy women in the church pieced them back together. Adding a little bow to them finished the deal.

These 600 bears will be donated to the Fire Dep't, Police Dep't, Hospital, and other local organizations who assist people in times of tragedy. It's our hope these teddy bears bring just a little comfort to hurting kids.

This was something simple...and yet impactful!
Yesterday in our services each person got a bear at the beginning of the service. Each was held as we prayed and blessed the bears.

Here's a few pictures with my less than stellar camera phone. The blue ribboned bear is Carl. He was mine. I didn't name him, he just told me what his name was.

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Jaime said...

Great Idea. And they are sooo cute!