Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year's Resolutions - Final Reflection

Overall reflections on my 2008 New Year's Resolutions.

To see the previous posts regarding my success (or lack thereof) click here.

Once again, my:
5 for 7
71% Success Rate

1. Generally, it wasCheck Spelling easier to succeed at a resolution where I had to stop doing something, as opposed to having to start doing something.
2. If it was to start doing something...the more likely I enjoyed the task the more likely I was to achieve it.
3. Keep goals achievable. Don't shoot for the moon if you've never shot for the mountaintop.
4. Seven resolutions was too many to remember. Maybe it's time to scale down to five.
5. I think I will continue some of these resolutions (Walking the dog, exercising, reading) or slightly modify them (an occassional pop...or if nearing starvation with no alternative choices except McDonald's, I will eat at Wendy's)
6. Resolutions work if you are serious about them
7. It's time to ponder my 2009 Resolutions...coming soon.

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