Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Year's Resolutions - Looking Back #4

Day 4 of looking back on my 2008 New Year's Resolutions.

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#4. Walk Zambrano (my beagle) around the school twice a week in the winter, 4 times a week the rest of the year.

Okay...there may have been a few weeks in the summer where he didn't get four walks around the school (out of town, too many evening events, etc). BUT, instead of taking him on walks around the school (approx 10-12 minute walks) I usually took him on long walks that averaged at least 40 minutes. I think I easily covered the total time required in my resolution. In the summer months from April-September there were many weeks where he got 5-6 walks that lasted 30-40 minutes.

Keys to Success:
-Nice Weather
-Attempt to use all the energy of our over-hyper puppy
-Walks became peaceful and enjoyable
-Taking different routes around town
-Seeing other dogs to interact with or bark at was fun
-Guessing where Zambrano would poop
-Guessing how many times Zambrano would try to stop and urinate briefly to "mark his turf"

Walks with Zambrano our usually fun!

3 for 4
75% Success Rate

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