Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

This has been spreading like wildfire...and I've finally succumbed to it.

1. When I lived off campus in college, I survived on cereal, jack's frozen pizza, milk, eggs, bread, and peanut butter & jelly. Nothing else...
2. I have recently become addicted to Qdoba. Last year I was able to get most of the youth group addicted to Buffalo Wild Wings...this year my goal is Qdoba.
3. I'm very grateful to know my purpose in life and I hope desperately that everyone finds their purpose.
4. I haven't vomited since 3rd grade. It was a Sunday morning at church.
5. I love water parks, the dunes, and playing in the ocean. I hate roller coasters and waiting in line.
6. My favorite teams are the Chicago Bears, Cubs, and Bulls. And Indiana Hoosiers for college...
7. I buy 90% of my clothes at Kohl's.
8. Michelle and I think we want 3 kids, although not anytime soon. I want them to be named AJ (don't care what the "a" or "j" stands for...the worse the names are the more likely the kid will want to go by AJ), Espn (pronounced espen - think aspen only with an "e" at the beginning.) and Natalie (the girl's name changes every few months). We may adopt a child as well.
9. Before every last "final exam" of the semester I would crank up Europe's "The Final Countdown" and all my roomates would sing along. While I can't prove it, I think the adrenaline rush increased my scores at least 10%.
10. I skipped school my senior year of high school to watch the NCAA tourney. A bunch of us were supposed to...but in the end it was only me and Matt Jerrell.
11. I went to church camp every year up til I was 23 (camper, counselor, etc). I haven't even been at camp for one minute since 2006.
12. I was suspended my junior year of high school for "blocking a fire exit and tackling a teacher"...long story.
13. My car's speedometer ('92 Sunbird) hasn't worked since 2002. I've been pulled over once.
14. I have a pretty well known appreciation for Hippo's. I think they're awesome.
15. When Michelle and I were in the early stages of dating I would call her to tell her I was running late because the game I was watching went into overtime...she eventually learned to just watch the game and expect me to show up 10 minutes after it was over. I remember some of the games...the dates, well they are a little fuzzy. Whoops! This is one of many reasons why I knew she was a keeper!!!
16. I love the snow in the winter, but the one thing I don't like about Indiana is that I can't play tennis all year.
17. I was referred to as the human calculator in school because I always did math in my head faster than others could do it on a calculator. I even beat Betsy Hummel in a 6th grade contest, and she was so smart that if she missed a question the teachers usually changed the correct answer to whatever she had put down.
18. I played with G.I. Joe's and Micro Machines growing up. I never had any Ninja turtles, but my friends did!
19. My brother Dan blames himself for my love of sports because he went away to college and couldn't make me into a gearhead.
20. When I was around 9, I broke a go-kart bumper at Raceway USA when I slammed into the wall. I had a huge knot on my head, and somehow my glasses were underneath the go-kart completely unscathed (they gave me extra time after that) .
21. My mom wouldn't let me play little league baseball because my two older brothers were so bad at it (probably because they spent to much time playing with cars instead of playing catch).
22. Michelle hates it when I win at everything...especially trivial pursuit (which I've never lost at and have only played with her and her family. My family didn't even own this game growing up). 23. I have been as far south as Cancun, east as New York city, and only as far west as St. Louis!
24. I am a horrible singer...but I always sing one or two lines of a song at home, only I change the word to go with the situation going on. It's a gift. Michelle love's it...I think.
25. I love the idea of traveling to wherever God leads me...I only wish all my friends and family could come too. But that's part of the adventure of God's unique calling to each person!