Saturday, January 10, 2009

Family Flashback...Hippos - The Beginning?

The year: 1985.
My age: One month short of my 3rd birthday
The event: Family Outing
The location: the now defunct Enchanted Forest (which closed on Labor Day 1991. The land was sold and later opened in 1994 as Splash Down Dunes...thanks google).
The Result: A fascination with hippo's that continues to this day. Is this really how my fascination with hippos began...or is it merely a coincidence?
(In case you didn't know...I'm the little guy on top with the big smile) I won't lie...I always thought this picture was from Deer Forest or maybe the Brookfield Zoo. I don't know why a hippo would be at deer forest, but my memory of Enchanted Forest is far less than Deer Forest. I think I rode a camel at Deer Forest, so my thoughts were if they have a real camel then why not a fake hippo? Or Brookfield Zoo obviously has a that would make sense too. Thanks mom for writing on the back of the picture the date and location!

Here's part of a Deer Forest brochure to prove the hippo's location. If only I knew where I could get this hippo (google failed me for once)!
To watch a classic enchanted forest commercial, click here.
Yeah...this post was pointless, but it was for my family and for a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

If I could get you that hippo or any other big hippo, I would do it. I am not sure how Michelle would like it sitting in the front yard. Or maybe you could put it in the back yard with Zambrano. I always wondered how your fascination of hippos started. I thought it was at Brookfield Zoo a couple of years later. I remember that year when you were so intent on seeing the hippos. I also had fogotten about Enchanted Forest.
..Phil's MOM

tfounds said...

Love the post and the picture. :) I think there is something sacred and beautiful in remembering our pasts and our roots. ...even if it is something as simple as our love for hippos.

Phil Strahm said...

I do think I liked hippo's before we went to brookfield zoo....I think this picture is just a coincidence...since I don't actually remember it.

The Bontragers said...

So THAT explains the hippo Christmas ornament...