Tuesday, January 27, 2009

February Frenzy

For our youth ministry, February is anything but routine.

This Sunday of course, is the Super Bowl Party.

The next Sunday we host a Valentine's Dinner, with proceeds going towards our mission trip this summer in downtown Pittsburgh.

Then, on February 22 we begin "Family Night." This is not a youth event, rather it is an event for the whole family. Our church wants to show that we value community and family, so this is our first family night, which we will have one night a month.

One thing we often find is that each member of a family is in our church a different day of the week (Dad comes to men's prayer breakfast, Mom comes to Bible Study, Son/Daughter comes to youth...all on separate days). So, why not have a night where the whole family comes together to hang out with the whole church family? Each month a different group is in charge of hosting the event. Of course, the youth are taking the first month (probably because some crazy 26 year old youth pastor suggested "family night" and everyone quickly thought it was a great idea).
This is the family night we have created...

This should be fun. At least six or seven stations. Bowling, Dodge Ball, Wii Fit, and Mario & Sonic at the Olympics!

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