Sunday, January 25, 2009

High School Weekend

Friday night we went to watch a high school basketball game, not in Greenfield, but in Indy. In reality, it was more of a college basketball game. Lawrence North and North Central, school's on the northeast edge of Indy are loaded with talent, to say the least. (Game story here).

I felt the need for a high quality basketball game with a crazy atmosphere (Michelle was more than willing to join when I offered to go to Chili's, her restaurant of choice).

Lawrence North has six players who are committed to attending big name college basketball schools (One of them actually played JV alongside a 7 footer! Both on JV!). Lawrence North is the school that produced Greg Oden, Mike Conley, and Eric Montross to name a few. To say that parents move so their kids can play at LN would probably be accurate, although some suggest they illegally recruit. Either way, it's ridiculous.

North Central is no slouch (they beat LN earlier this year) and have had 3 Mr. Basketball's in the last 10 years. Two years ago, we went to the same game to watch Eric Gordon dominate.

Speaking of Eric Gordon, he had 41 points last night in the NBA. In fact, according to this story, his teammates don't let him participate in shooting competitions due to his ridiculous range.


Then on Saturday night we went to Greenfield's "Cougar Cuisine," a fundraiser where around 15 local restaurants offer food to stuff yourself with (they donate the food, tickets are sold for $10). Good times...How often do you get to eat Honey BBQ wings, Donuts, Chicken Alfredo, Steak tips, Ice Cream, and Pizza in one meal? The answer, of course, is once a year.

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dan said...

i read that article in the Indy Star last week about the 6 guys going to D-I schools...they're sure think they're good!

I went 3 years ago in Oden's senior year and it was pretty intense as they hated each other then (being on ESPN didn't hurt).