Monday, January 19, 2009

When Things Break

I like to think that I haven't had to many of those stereotypical moments where as a youth pastor you have to say "I can't believe that kid just did something that stupid" or "this is not going to look good when the adults hear about this."

Well, in the last month or so we've had a few of those moments...not on a large scale, but they still registered.

1. Broken window in "fellowship hall," which is also used as a half-court basketball court/open area until our new building gets finished. A youth arrived early and chucked a football through a window because he thinks he has the arm strength and accuracy of Peyton Manning. Obviously, he missed his target.
2. While sledding on Friday we went to the creek, where it was partially frozen. One of our youth decided to "walk on water." The ice was not fond of this, and he fell in (only a few inches above his knee).
3. Yesterday, a kid decided to kick a basketball like it was a soccer ball. Result: Another broken window. It doesn't matter that the windows broken both times were going to be taken out in the next 6 months or so...they are still frustrating moments.

So, no more football, soccer, or walking on water.

Let the good times roll....

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dan said...

2 windows broke. I think the limit is 3 windows! so you're actually ahead of the game! I