Monday, February 16, 2009

End of an Era - No More SI

Since September 1996 I have been a "valued customer" of Sports Illustrated. That would mean I have over 600 SI's in my collection, most in good shape, except when IWU would occasionally shove them in my tiny mailbox and rip them!!! I was even valued so much that once SI paid me to read their magazine.
But, I received my last Sports Illustrated magazine this past week. Now, I can recieve the magazine for 99 cents an issue, so that wasn't really the issue at all (although their renewal gifts stunk! Shouldn't gifts be better for long time customers as opposed to first timers?).
I'm sure some of you are shocked at this, especially with how I always joke about keeping them as an investment for retirement (driving Michelle crazy...."Where are we going to keep all these?" she would say).

Here's why I cancelled my SI subscription:
1. Internet - A weekly magazine is difficult to stay "current" in the world.
2. Clutter - SI's are everywhere
3. I was struggling to read them every week. I'd rather talk to my wife, play with my dog, exercise, play the wii, or watch tv.
4. More and more stories like the one on the cover of my last SI. I'm tired of stories about steroids, off the field issues, Terrell Owens, and Pacman Jones. I only care about the games and game analysis (this goes for ESPN too). If I wanted more gossip I'd read the NY post or People Magazine or watch the E! channel.


Adam and Becca said...

I'm proud of you for giving this up! And happy for Michelle that the stack won't keep growing!

dan said...

but isn't coverage about roids really about on the field stuff? i mean that's an issue that is relevant to any game A-Rod hits a homer? or to the yankees coming on strong in the one season the Rocket juiced and went ape-nuts in the month of August?!

but you can find pretty much all that information online, and for free! so long old era!