Monday, March 30, 2009

Night of Worship with Chris Tomlin

Is it weird to brag that I had front row and center seats for the Night of Worship with Chris Tomlin? Literally, Michelle and I had the best seats in the house (if you wonder how I got these there is a simple answer: I ordered my tickets first! That's the benefit to pre-ordering the cd and having it arrive in the mail before it is released in stores with a special code for the concert).

And just to note: Tomlin toned it down a little for all the "old folks" in the audience. His band definitely turned the volume down compared to Ichthus Music Festival or Passion. If you can hear the tone deaf woman next to you singing then it isn't nearly loud enough.


B,P,R,S & soon L said...

I hope you are not referring to your wife when you say "tone deaf woman standing next to you." :) JK.

Mike said...

Nice seats!