Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Love for In-State Students?

WISH-TV, an Indy CBS affiliate, reported on a story about Indiana University and Purdue University not accepting as many in-state students, mostly because of a higher number of applications, a focus on diversity, and because they can supposedly make more money from out-of-state students who pay nearly three times the amount in tuition.

What's this mean for "average" high school students? Do they go to private schools that cost more...or maybe IU or Purdue branches like IUPUI? Hard to say.

Watch the story below or click here.

On a side note, I think the rumor that high school students have to be involved in "everything" so it looks good on their college resume is bogus. Pick a few and actually be involved in them with some actual depth. In my opinion, most students are involved in too many extra curriculars and don't get anything out of most of them (their words). The last minute scrambling to piece something together for their extra-curricular assignment is the norm. As a result of being spread to thin they don't really develop time management or leadership skills. Instead, they know a little about everything and and a lot about nothing and these "good students" bomb their SAT's as a result. Parents need to help monitor and control the students' level of involvement.

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