Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Random Thought...

If a church doesn't have a life development/small groups/family pastor...should the youth ministry take a hold of a vision to incorporate parents in a way that would inspire them to fulfill the level of connection they need with other adults?

Would/could this occur through volunteering with youth and developing a small group within the volunteers?

Random....and I'm trying to figure out what I really mean in a more clear and concise way....hmmmmm.


dan said...

not random, good thought

personally, the idea that a pastor can work with students and not impact families is clueless. this is the problem with "traditional" youth ministries. The position does not fulfill the full range of the needs of the ministry.

The youth pastor is a pastor of spiritual formation, specifically targeting students. Any good youth pastor knows that formation requires family involvement. It is the rare case where the family does not support the ministry, thus the family needs to be on board with the youth pastor.

Churches are short-changing themselves by viewing youth pastors as some sort of lower level minister who only works with students. Youth pastors should realize they in many families are more influential than lead pastors. they are better positioned to disciple not only students but parents.

IDK everything, but i personally think we really need to revision the whole concept of "youth ministry"

Phil Strahm said...

Chap of my Fuller profs, calls it the "Mickey Mouse Ears" when a bunch of ministries within a church exist for a self-fulfilling purpose and not for the unity of the body. (Mickey's head would be the church...a bunch of ears would represent childrens, youth, mens, womens, comm outreach, etc).

We have to work together to incorporate everyone into the body of Christ...and it is something I am striving for.

tfounds said...

I remember those Mickey Mouse ears. ...they actually made it into my "I dream of a church" book.