Monday, May 04, 2009

An Interesting Sunday...

I preached on the practice/discipline of fasting yesterday, something that isn't talked about to much in church these days (once every few years at best). I knew what I was up against, but I went for it (plus our youth had just done the 30 hour famine last weekend so it made sense to talk about fasting while retelling a bit of our famine experience).

My message also involved Krispy Kreme donuts...which a few lucky people got to enjoy during the service. Trust had a point.

From 8am to 9pm I was at the church for 11 of the 13 hours for our morning services, youth group, and Sunday night basketball. This is going to be a rough Monday.

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hoosier reborn said...

long time since I've stopped by..I saw your remark about fasting. Without a doubt led to a major break-through for me.