Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

Tim Stevens, a pastor in Northern Indiana, has created a rather lengthy driving agreement for his oldest child.

Tim's words: "I realized it's not about trust--it's about experience. Heather is a great driver, but she will make mistakes in the learning process (as we all do). It's our job to do everything we can to help minimize the possible damage from those mistakes. Tragedies happen and we can't ensure her safety, but we can do much to prepare her and decrease the chances that she is the cause of a tragedy....So we pulled ideas from a bunch of websites and wrote up a Parent/Teen Driving Contract. It outlines graduated freedoms based on experience, and lets her know that we are here to support her as she gets used to being on the road alone."

Check out the 4 page pdf file of the agreement by clicking here

What do you think???
From what I have seen, the parents that have given their teens specific consequences to poor driving behaviors have really helped their teens be safer. also has a general list of 20 rules for a teen driver.


derryprenkert said...

I think this is fantastic. I don't think every parent should do this exact format, but some level of agreement with consequences is very valid.

I should say, I think this (and all other agreements like this) are fantastic only when there is true follow through.

Brandon said...

The type of parent who does this is probably the type of parent who already has communicated their love and responsibility to their teen driver. If only all parents jumped on board with this kind of care on an every day basis.