Monday, June 01, 2009

Are college students getting dumber?

One of my old profs at IWU wrote this in a recent post.

"Some profs get very upset with students on Facebook. I would put them in the same category of those who are fighting Wikipedia... you're going to lose this cultural battle. We've got to figure out a way to lasso the thing because it's not going away. At the same time, the grades of my students have gone down noticeably since the advent of the wireless classroom. I'm very up front in freshman classes about what they need to know to do well on my tests. So either these last two years are full of extremely stupid students... or they're not nearly as good at multi-tasking as they think they are."

My thought - you almost never need to take a laptop to class (I hopefully, never will have to).
-Are you really paying thousands of dollars to sit in a class and surf the web?

A healthy atmosphere and eliminating distractions are keys to effective learning...
Do we do this well in the church? In youth ministry?

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