Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prayer for Youth Ministry

Great article from Youth Specialties. Some of it is below

#1 I pray the church will begin to pay attention to youth ministry. (Acts 20:7 )
They are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today!

#2 I pray that Youth Ministries will submit (Acts 20:10)
Students need leaders who submit to Jesus.

#3 I Pray For A Bblical Foundation (Acts 20:11)
People are leaving churches because there is no bible and no Jesus- anyone who tells you differently is lying. We need more Gospel.
Dangers: We only teach morality, we compromise because we want a big cool crowd, we push a personal agenda: Jesus didn’t die for our agenda.

#4 I pray for stewardship (Acts 20:12)
There are some people here who are thinking about quitting: Jesus has been through it and he didn’t quit. “If only I had big lights and building, budget” when we say we are going to quit we say Jesus, the scriptures, and the Holy Spirit are not enough.
Pentecost Acts 2 there were no fog machines and lights.

What are some of your prayers for youth ministry? the church?
What are some practical ways we can practice stewardship, foundation, submission, and attention?
What do you think the average youth ministry in America needs to go to the next level?

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