Thursday, November 05, 2009

Cohabitation vs. Marriage

Interesting article from Relevant Magazine about the growing trend of cohabitation before marriage. A short and easy read that most Christians have heard before.

A few points from the article:
*Everyone wants to love and to be loved—they are the echoes that still reverberate in us from the seems like it is getting more and more difficult to find and keep love.

*It certainly seems reasonable to want to take a relationship on a “test-drive.” It’s called cohabitation. (Of course, our "reasoning" is often the problem based on our culture and where we gather our information).

*Sex must to be kept in the context of marriage in order to be safe—in order for its power to be used to build and not destroy. Sex in the wrong context confuses our souls. God created sex to be a rich, holy, cleansing, love-enriching act that adds joy and fun to life, if it is corralled within the bonds of life-long matrimony. It will destroy when it is not.

*Marriage is not a private sacrament; it impacts the whole community of faith. It’s the right thing to do, and disciples do the right thing. They don’t just live on love—emotions, feelings and hormones—they live on principles, beliefs and disciplines that develop character.

*The best way to prepare for a lifelong commitment is not living together; it’s learning how to deal with relational conflict.....If you want a chance at an intimate, lifelong relationship, get counseling together, not an apartment.

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