Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Curious Case of Andre Agassi

Andre is my favorite tennis player of all-time, hands down. One of my top 5 favorite athletes ever. I remember posting about the end of his career a few years ago.

Agassi has been in the news a LOT lately because of his new autobiography Open, in which he admits to a number of things from the past (lying about drug use, wigs, hating tennis, tanking matches, playing commando style, etc).
It appears he is doing this now for two reasons:
1. He finally had time to reflect and get around to making the book.
2. He feels the need for atonement (and apparently, publicly) so he can be freed from his past.

Quotes from Agassi:
"The anger and disappointment is clear but I've spent many years being angry and disappointed at myself. "I think role models teach you two things: I think they teach you what to do and what not to do."
"What I would say I want for my children is ultimately peace of heart. I want them to have options, I want them to have choices. To choose something and care about it deeply so they can discover themselves through it."
"I would change everything if I could and I would change nothing. It's been a powerful journey."

The man has raised millions for charities, believes to have found his purpose in life, started a charter school in his hometown of Las Vegas, and seems to have a healthy family with his wife Steffi Graff and their children.

I get tired of the media blasting anyone for doing anything and over focusing on stories (in sports these include Favre, A-Rod, Steroids, etc). They blast you if you don't share and aren't honest. They blast you if you do share and are honest.

A poll showed 75% of people didn't think these revelations hurt their view of Agassi. The media seems to think the opposite. Maybe I've been desensitized by all these types of stories. Maybe I just believe in second chances for a man who obviously has learned from his mistakes.

I have no problem with Andre opening up about his past. If he felt it was necessary, then who are we to hate on Andre Agassi? He's changed for the better over the years...why not share his story of growth and transformation? Thoughts?

Watch the ESPN interview here

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