Monday, December 28, 2009

My Year in Concerts

Definitely saw more live music this year than in any other year of my life. A quick recap.

March - Chris Tomlin @ Conseco Fieldhouse. We literally had the best seats in the house since we had presale tix. Blogged about it with pix here.

April - Skillet, Disciple, and Decyfer Down concert in Indy. Hard rock with some teens, college kids, my brother, and my nephew. Michelle stayed home and missed reuniting with a member of Disciple who used to be in a band (Staple) with her brother. Blogged about it with pix here.

Sevenglory concert as part of our 30 hour famine. Blogged about here.

June - Ichthus Music Festival festival. Dozens of bands. Some great. Some okay. Some not worth mentioning. Great 3 days of music!

July - Switchfoot & Fireflight in Valpo as part of our youth ultimate water weekend. Blogged with video and pix here.

August - Collective Soul concert in Cincy. Long live the 90's. I won free tix through the bands twitter contest involving doing something good for others. Blogged with video and pix here.

September - Stryper concert as part of our Cleveland Rocks weekend. Blogged with pix and video here and on facebook.

October - Stryper & Manic Drive in Dayton with my brothers and a few friends. Got my brothers sound check/meet n' greets. Pix are on my facebook. I would see Stryper for a 3rd time in Indy later in the month. Multiple videos on facebook.

November - David Crowder Band with Seabird and Danyew in Indy. Great show. I have some funny videos up on facebook, including the robot drum solo. Emphasis on actual robot.

NeedToBreathe in Indy at the Music Mill. Even took time to post 2 of my 3 videos on my youtube page, facebook, and blogged with video here.

December - Collective Soul again at the Vogue in Indy to benefit Rock to Read and public libraries. Also on youtube, facebook, and blogged about with pix/video here.

What a great year in music!
We did not make it to the Transiberian Orchestra and the Foo Fighters weren't on tour this year. Maybe in 2010...

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