Monday, December 28, 2009

My Year in Sporting Events

Not quite as awesome as My Year in Concerts, but I'm not complaining.

February - FCA fundraiser banquet with brand spanking new Colts head coach Jim Caldwell. Not really a sporting event, but still cool. Should've asked him if the Colts went 14-0 whether he would sit the starters in the 3rd quarter. Go Bears!

April - Pacers Game vs. Spurs with Michelle, my bro, and nephew in the Legends seating. Blogged with pix here. This was our 2nd trip to Conseco in one week (Chris Tomlin concert).

October - INDIANA UNIVERSITY sports weekend. Hoosier Hysteria on Friday night and Homecoming football game vs. Illinois on Saturday night. Blogged with pix here.

December - Colts game as part of FCA day. Colts would move to 13-0 and Brandon Marshall would break the NFL record for receptions. Blogged with post game field pass pix here.

IU Hoops vs might North Carolina....Central. Easy win...Good Times.

AND Major League Baseball in 4 locations.
June - Cubs @ Cincy Reds. Zambrano hits a homerun and notches 100th career victory. Blogged with pix here.

Indians @ Pittsburgh Pirates. During our mission trip we had one free night. Pirates tix are cheap! Blogged with pix here. More pix on facebook.

August - Astros @ Chicago Cubs. Good ol' Wrigley. Blogged with pix here and much more on facebook.

September - Orioles @ Cleveland Indians. Indians broke their 11 game losing streak. Plenty of pix on facebook as part of Cleveland Rocks Weekend and blogged here.

It was my first time in Pitt and Cleveland for an mlb game. I've now made it to 9 mlb parks.

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