Thursday, January 07, 2010

13 Month Campaign

A group called Relational Tithe is starting the 13 Month Campaign.

From the website: "The 13th Month Campaign is a challenge to either begin or to even more fully express our support for things we believe in, causes that share our same values and dreams of what the world ought to be. It is an invitation, an appeal, and an opportunity to not only help support but partner with the things that we get excited about, works we would love to see thrive, things we recognize that without additional funding would likely cease to exist.

Participants in The 13th Month Campaign speak their support of a local and/or global organization or cause by contributing the equivalent of an additional 10% of one month’s income, above and beyond their planned tithe for the month (either to the same or a different cause)."

If you are not supporting causes that you believe in then I hope this is something you would seriously consider.

Much of the focus of this cause is to promote equality and eliminate poverty that exists because we have failed to Love our neighbors as ourselves and carry each others burdens.

Listen to the thoughts of Shane Claiborne below.

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