Monday, January 18, 2010

The Elms - Haiti Relief

There are so many organizations to give a monetary donation towards the effort to help Haiti recover from the 7.0 earthquake from last Tuesday.

The Elms are an Indiana band that wrote a song called "This is How the World Will End" for their newest album. The song is mostly about how we need to step up and help those around us. Ironically, much of the video for the song was recorded in Haiti.

The band has decided that "For the foreseeable future, all of THE ELMS' proceeds from digital sales of "This Is How The World Will End" are to be donated to CARE International - - to help fund Haitian Earthquake relief. A track purchased equals direct support. Track available at all digital outlets. THE ELMS WILL DERIVE ABSOLUTELY NO MONETARY GAIN FROM THE PERPETUATION OF THIS SONG. The band believes that this song is one of destiny, and it will serve to be their offering to the precious people of Haiti during this moment of crisis in their history."

For more info on the song and band's choice to donate through their own unique way go to

Watch the video here or below

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