Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Youth Ministry Stereotypes and Overnighters

A little funny. A little cheesy. A little true.

Fight the Youth Ministry Stereotype. Watch below or click here

For the record I'm not competitive, I just happen to win all the time.
My car is clean, office clean (though cluttered), I mostly play video games only at the church, and have no facial hair! (Thanks to Derry for posting this one).

And this one is dedicated to my wife, who is affectionately called Michelle "No Lock-IN" Strahm.


Adam and Becca said...

How does this guy have so much time on his hands to make videos?! Entertaining, nonetheless. Maybe a bit exaggerated.

Phil Strahm said...

Becca...multimedia is how we communicate today.

He's a youth pastor at a larger church and made these videos for various youth conferences.