Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Almost Christian" - Teens

Interesting CNN article about teens not fully developing their faith before adulthood. This has been a popular subject for quite a few years mostly reflecting the shortcomings of youth and their knowledge of theology as well as the church's ability to assimilate youth and young adults into active members of a church.

Key traits for those who are committed:
1. They have a personal story about God they can share.
2. A deep connection to a faith community.
3. A sense of purpose.
4. A sense of hope about their future.

The solution, according to the article, is less fluffy preaching and better parenting, specifically in "radically" living out their faith.

One other solution not mentioned in this article?
Better assimilation of youth and young adults into the church. This Youth Specialties article sounded really familiar, probably because it was written by Chap Clark, who was one of my professors for my online classes at Fuller Theological Seminary and talked about this topic until he was blue in the face. This assimilation article from YS should be read by anyone in youth ministry.

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Dr Chris Hill said...

Hi Phil,

Here's a good video I found on YouTube about religion, you might like to view it and see what you think.

”God in my life”

I think it makes a lot of good common sense don't you?

Chris Hill

American youth: Young gifted and passionate about religion. ”Fiery lady”