Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ready to Be a Dad - Part 3

The Crib is built. Now I'm definitely ready to be a dad.
Michelle informs me that I'll need to move the Stryper poster. Pretty sure I fell asleep listening to them when I was growing up since I shared a bedroom with 2 older brothers and I turned out okay.

For previous "Ready to be a Dad" posts click the "Ready to be a Dad" link listed at the bottom of this post (you have to be on my blog and not reading it through facebook).


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying all of your updates on "ready to be a Dad". I still think you have more to learn, but you have a good start.
Phil's MOM

Adam and Becca said...

Aunt Becca votes that the poster needs to go!
But good job getting the crib set up!

Anonymous said...

"Rock and Roll Ain't noise pollution".....I mean...I" Wanna Rock and Roll All Night, and party ev-ery day".....I mean "He's the Rock that Makes Me Roll, Rock-and-Roll, Yeah !!!!" . I vote that the poster stays, and that you use 80's metal ballads for lullaby music. - brother Dan